Get A HIIT Workout With YWCA’s Director of Fitness

Mental and physical health go hand in hand, so YWCA is committed to helping you stay active while our co-ed gym is temporarily closed.

Join YWCA’s Director of Fitness, Starr Gargiullo, for exercises throughout the week. You can follow her virtual fitness instruction on Mondays and Fridays on the YWCA Fitness Facebook page. On Thursdays, Starr shares a weekly High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) exercise with YWCA Fitness Members. Make sure you’re receiving her exercises and our fitness center updates by subscribing to our Constant Contact email list!

This is a HIIT routine – MAKE SURE TO WARM UP
Do each exercise 4 times per block,
followed by a 1 minute recovery after each block. 

(1st Block)

  • 30 seconds Skis (motion is like cross country skiing) ////
  • 15 second break
  • 30 seconds Pushups ////
  • 15 second break

(2nd Block)

  • 30 seconds Wide Stance Plie Squats (can do a latissimus raise at the same time if you have a dumbbell) ////
  • 15 second break
  • 30 seconds Plank Alternating Back Rows with Dumbbells (if you do not have weights just lift and squeeze your shoulder back) ////
  • 15 second break

(3rd Block)

  • 30 seconds Backward or Walking Lunges ////
  • 15 second break 
  • 30 second Inner Chest/Tricep Pushups ////
  • 15 second break 

(4th Block) 

  • 30 seconds Plank ////
  • 15 second break 
  • 30 Floor Jacks ////
  • 15 second break 

(5th Block)

  • 30 seconds Use Band, Rope or Belt, Lay It On The Floor In Straight Line And Jump Sideways Back and Forth Over It ////
  • 15 second break 
  • 30 seconds Squats With or Without Weights ////
  • 15 second break

(6th Block)

  • 30 seconds Jumping Jacks ////
  • 15 second break 
  • 30 seconds Side Planks (right side first then left each 30 sec hold) ////
  • 15 second break

(7th Block) 

  • 30 seconds All Burpees (basic burpee, burpee with push up, burpee with jumping jack, burpee with push up and jumping jack) ////////
  • 15 second break between each of them


  • 30 Pilates Rollup (upper abs) you can use a stability ball or weight 
  • 30 Flutter Kicks (lower abs)
  • 30 Right Oblique (side abs)
  • 30 Left Oblique (side abs)

FINISHED GREAT JOB!!! A new workout is provided every week, make sure you’re subscribed to YWCA’s weekly fitness emails for new workouts!

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