Housing Programs

Providing Housing and Support Services in the Community

For over 115 years, YWCA Central Carolinas’ housing programs have evolved to better serve the community. Our programs provide transitional housing to women and families, as well as support services to empower them in their search for permanent housing.

Thanks to support from our neighbors, donors and City Council, YWCA and DreamKey Partners (formerly Charlotte-Mecklenburg Housing Partnership) are proud to be transforming the front lawn of our 10-acre property into 80+ affordable housing units. These units will be reserved for households earning 30%-60% area median income – between $25,250 and $50,250 for a family of four. They are desperately needed as one solution to Charlotte’s ever-growing affordable housing crisis, which has been intensified by the increase in homelessness throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our Women In Transition (WIT) Program provides safe, affordable, transitional housing and intensive support services for single, unaccompanied women facing homelessness.

WIT is not an emergency shelter but a month-to-month lease program where participants pay rent and stay up to a maximum of 18 months. As part of the program, participants engage with services including: case management, computer instruction, career counseling, financial planning services, educational workshops, access to our fitness center and social activities. Our goal is to support our participants while they improve upon the skills and resources necessary to attain permanent housing upon exiting the program, reserve adequate income to sustain long-term housing and improve their sense of self-worth and being.

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YWCA’s Families Together (FT) program provides safe housing for families with minor children in Charlotte.

Built in 2008, Families Together consists of 10 townhouses located on YWCA’s Park Road campus. Our program provides safe, affordable housing and intensive support services for homeless families with minor children. As part of the program, participants have access to services including: case management; computer instruction; career counseling; financial planning services, educational workshops, access to our fitness center and social activities. Each family can remain in the program for up to 18 months.

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