Fitness Classes

Fitness Classes Provide Multiple Benefits

Fitness members can work out at their own pace in any of the YWCA’s various gyms or you can choose to participate in any of the 50+ group exercise classes scheduled every month. Check out our October group exercise classes and October aquatics schedules for the location, day and time of each! 

The advantages members get when joining any fitness class include:



Being surrounded by individuals who share the commitment to exercise is inspiring along with being coached by an encouraging certified instructor.



How easy is it to show up for a class that is structured for you.
Warm up : Workout : Cool Down



Check out the list below to see how many fitness classes are offered.


Exercise Form

The fitness instructor makes sure everyone executes each exercise properly to avoid injury and optimize the benefit for your muscles.

Charlotte’s YWCA provides invigorating and fun fitness classes for all ages and physical condition: beginners, intermediate or advanced. Join in the adventure of exercise for fun as well as good health. Make sure you like our Fitness Facebook Page to stay updated on virtual workouts to follow, class offerings, class changes, seasonal programming information and deadlines.

Stay In The Know About YWCA's Phased Reopening

YWCA’s co-ed gym reopened on September 14th. See what to expect and our new policies and procedures on the Fitness COVID Policies page of our site.

Aqua Arthritis Energizer

Gain strength and flexibility with gentle activities in the water with guidance from an Arthritis Foundation certified instructor.

Aqua Power

Get a full body workout with a variety of cardio and strength training exercises in the shallow and deep ends of the pool.

Aqua Yoga

Basic yoga stretches and postures using the light gravity of water to help cushion the joints.

Cycle Class

Using a stationary bike, experience a variety of speeds as well as endurance and strength building drills.

Core, More and Stretch

A low-intensity mat workout focusing on core strength ending with a long, relaxing stretch.

Deep Water Work

Burn calories with general aerobics and tone muscles with strength exercises in the deep end of YWCA’s indoor pool.


(Low Intensity Interval Training) This class improves muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance, using weights and low impact cardio moves.

Move & Groove

A low-intensity chair class focusing on flexibility and strength. Great for beginners, seniors and anyone recovering from injuries.


Low-impact exercises that focus on core strength, flexibility and long, lean muscles in the whole body.


Tone, sculpt, and lengthen with this low impact workout utilizing your own body weight, bands, light weights, and more. An intentional focus on core strength will improve stability, posture, and benefit overall health.

Pure Body Strength

This is a low/no cardio sculpting class designed to cover every muscle group thoroughly, using weights.

Shallow Water Work

Focusing on cardio, strength, balance and posture, this class will keep you moving at your own desired intensity level.

Yoga I

Beginner friendly. Classes go through traditional yoga postures and stretches.

Yoga I/II

A flow style yoga, combines movements with some traditional yoga postures.

Vinyasa Yoga

Synchronize your breath with your movement through a constant flow of various Yoga poses.