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YWCA Central Carolinas is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and is an association member of the national YWCA in Washington, D.C. We are dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. 

Privacy Policy

YWCA Central Carolinas, Inc. is committed to honoring the privacy and the wishes of our supporters at all times. We collect and maintain only personal information that is specifically and knowledgeably provided to us by individuals or their companies. YWCA Central Carolinas will never rent, exchange or sell information on our contributors. We will only share personally identifiable information with a third party if (i) we are required to by law (ii) it is necessary for completing an authorized operation, for instance to process a credit card transaction, or (iii) if the person submitting the information asks that it be shared. We do maintain records on our contributors, which we regard as private and confidential and store securely with access limited to authorized staff.

There are opportunities within the website to provide YWCA Central Carolinas with contact information, such as when you email us for information or inquire about volunteering. If you provide us with this information, we may contact you for additional information or send you updates about how donations are being put to use in our community, such as our newsletter. You may contact us to restrict our use of your contact information at any time.

In addition, like almost all websites, we do collect broad, general statistical information about how visitors use our site, such as how often each page is visited, for the purpose of creating a better site for our community. We do not collect information on individual visits to the site without the expressed permission of the user.

There are links to other websites throughout our site for the purpose of providing more useful and complete information to our visitors. We do not take responsibility for the contents or privacy practices of any website other than our own

If you have any questions about our privacy policies, please contact us.