Community Awareness & Education

Educating And Mobilizing The Charlotte Community

YWCA is a nonpartisan organization that believes in supporting policies that promote the well-being of women and girls of color. We educate and mobilize our neighbors and community members through racial justice forums, book clubs and various shared resources.

Racial Justice Forums

YWCA Central Carolinas hosts multiple racial justice forums every year where we invite people of all socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, genders and ages to have open conversations around challenging topics. The free community events draw audiences from all over our community and leave participants with an urgency to take action. After each forum, we collect feedback via anonymous surveys. Participants frequently say that the forums are extremely eye-opening, informative and give individuals the opportunity to share experiences in a brave space. 

Click here for a list of previous Racial Justice Forums. Want to learn more about our next Racial Justice Forum? Visit our Events page

Grow Your Capacity As A Racial Equity Advocate

YWCA Central Carolinas provides multiple resources and events for individuals to grow in their capacity and efforts as advocates for racial and social justice.

YWCA hosts Media Matters discussions around a book or film that focuses on social justice issues.  Each of our subjects connect to our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women. The club is open to all, no matter your age!