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Weightloss Support For 2019

After all the studies and results we can never really decide on one answer to the ultimate question: does exercise really help with wieghtloss? Every January we tell ourselves that this year will be different, that we’re going to lose that baby weight, or college weight, or just that weight. Then weeks pass and maybe some time at the gym helped a little bit, but nothing really stuck. But we’ve got some good news for you! It’s never too late.

Recently, we read an amazing article from HealthLine that puts your debating mind to rest.

To start, exercise is great for your health. Whether or not you’re exercising to lose weight, you will lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes and even some cancers! It’s a great way to ease stress positively supporting your mental health.

While losing weight, you need to keep in mind the muscle that you may be losing as well as fat. That’s why a balanced diet is such an important partner to new exercise routines. Mindfully in-taking healthy fats and carbohydrates will allow you to lose fat while minimizing muscle loss. This is also important because when you burn more calories, you want more calories.

Remember: The body’s response to exercise varies between individuals. Some people lose weight, others maintain their weight and a few people may even gain weight. (And that’s because they’re gaining muscle, not fat.)

At YWCA Central Carolinas, we want to support your weightloss journey – no matter the number. Whether it’s for a New Year’s resolution, upcoming event, or something that’s been on your mind for a while, we’re here with options. Add a group exercise class to your routine, try out a bootcamp, unwind in the sauna, or get some laps in at the end of your day. Whatever the exercise you decide try, out staff and fitness family are right by your side cheering you on.

Still not convinced? Read Helen West’s article here.