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Our Mission is Empowered by Duke Energy & Piedmont Natural Gas

YWCA’s annual fundraiser, We Believe 2022, is a day away! We are excited to share virtual community with all of our supporters and the public through our Swell platform.

YWCA is so proud of the support that we have received from amazing partners and individuals. One of those impactful supporters is our empower equity event sponsor Duke Energy & Piedmont Natural Gas.

For years, Duke Energy & Piedmont Natural Gas have supported our Youth Programs and various events through funding and sponsorships. This support empowers our educators in their work with students K-5 in Mecklenburg and Union Counties. YWCA’s Youth Learning Centers provide spaces for our students to focus on their literacy skills, to learn about individuals that have had an impact in our history and to keep families connected to needed resources.

With Duke Energy & Piedmont Natural Gas’ additional support of YWCA’s virtual events, We Believe and Women of Achievement, YWCA has been able to reach more individuals, growing our community.

Finally, YWCA Central Carolinas appreciates the contributions and leadership of one of Piedmont Natural Gas’ team member on our board of directors, Barbara Ashford. Barbara has been a supporter of YWCA Central Carolinas since 2016!  

We are grateful to Duke Energy & Piedmont Natural Gas for being a long-standing supporter and partner of YWCA Central Carolinas.