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Our Mission is Supported by Bank of America

YWCA’s mission to eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all is strengthened by partnerships like the one we have with Bank of America.

For years, Bank of America has supported our transitional housing programs, Women In Transition and Families Together, through funding and volunteer support. And for the third year in a row, Bank of America has sponsored our We Believe event at the highest level – our Empower Equity presenting sponsor. Year after year, Bank of America makes an incredible impact on our community by supporting YWCA’s mission and programs.

Throughout 2021, Bank of America volunteers facilitated five different virtual workshops to YWCA Women In Transition participants focused on personal finance and budgeting. Volunteers from groups like Bank of America LEAD have continued to make an impact. They have purchased holiday meals for our transitional housing participants and households. They have held multiple wish list drives, collecting books and board games for families, needed items for women and creating spring baskets for households and Youth Programs students.

Bank of America doesn’t just support our housing programs. Their funding supports all aspects of YWCA’s mission. In 2018, Bank of America and The Albemarle Foundation announced a $20 million investment in Charlotte-area nonprofits to drive local economic mobility. YWCA was selected as one of the nonprofits benefiting from this substantial commitment. This is because at YWCA, we focus on key factors that positively impact economic mobility like early child care and education, college and career readiness and family stability fostering healthy child development. We continue to receive support from this 2018 investment!

Finally, YWCA Central Carolinas appreciates the contributions and leadership of three Bank of America team members on our board of directors: Frenchie Wilson Brown, Christie Gragnani-Woods and Soamoya Rankins. 

We are grateful to Bank of America for being a long-standing supporter and partner of YWCA Central Carolinas.