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Students Stay Focused On Literacy

YWCA’s Youth Learning Centers continue to support over 200 students throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Our after-school and summer session literacy support for students K-5 provide needed stability and structure to students.

While working remotely, YWCA Youth Learning Center Coordinators are staying connected with students and families by way of i-Ready and, as well as weekly check ins through phone calls.

This week, some hard working students from our Park Road Youth Learning Center briefly dropped in to our Park Road facility to receive some special recognition! They were given gift bags with notes, snacks and games from their Coordinator, Wanda Jones, and their Assistant Coordinator, Shiela Rodman.

student, literacy, school, school support
student, literacy

The children were so excited to see Ms. Wanda and Ms. Shiela that one little fellow jumped out the vehicle without his parents’ permission so he could steal a hug! The other two waited until they were home and opened their gift bags to find notes, snacks, and games from the ladies.

Wanda Jones said, “The couple of days have been a challenge so looking at these visions of the future did my spirit well!” We agree, seeing YWCA students thrive warms the heart.

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