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Supporting YWCA’s Students

This week, May 4 – May 8, was Teacher Appreciation Week! YWCA Central Carolinas wanted to take a moment and thank our Youth Learning Center Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators for the incredible impact they continue to make. YWCA Youth Learning Centers provide high-quality after school and summer programs for children in low-income areas at no cost to their families.

Due to COVID-19 our Centers are temporarily closed, but over 200 YWCA students and families continue to be supported.

Coordinators are staying connected with families by way of i-Ready and Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators are also checking in on families through calls and texts to assist them with technology questions.

Students of YWCA’s Billingsville Youth Learning Center completing their assignments in the living room!

And families are able to utilize supportive services from YWCA’s community support coordinator, Wendy Hernandez, so that all students are able to connect with YWCA Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators.

Thank you YWCA Youth Programs staff, for continuing to empower students in their literacy journey. The stability you provide and your commitment to our students makes an impact each day, in their lives, their families and our community.