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The power of partnership

Our city and nation have been facing an ever-growing affordable housing crisis. This has been exacerbated throughout the pandemic, with more of our community members pushed to temporary housing or even houselessness. The need for affordable housing units throughout Charlotte is a priority for our community and leaders and for YWCA Central Carolinas. 

The housing crisis impacts children just as much as adults. Without stable housing, a child’s academic development is impacted. So, in a move to alleviate some of this impact, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools worked in partnership with Woodfield Development to petition Charlotte City Council to create new schools and 430 housing units. This would result in two new schools, one elementary and one secondary, and 15% of the 430 housing units would be affordable housing units. 

Those in support of the petition believed it would allow for more affordable housing opportunities for community members along with more school options for our growing city. Those in opposition to the petition cited that there would be additional congestion at an intersection that was already highly populated. As the vote to approve or reject this petition began to loom, OneMECK swiftly responded in support. 

OneMECK Coalition is an alliance of Mecklenburg County organizations and individuals that advocates for equitable access to economic opportunity and housing in all parts of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. They work towards fair, equal, and excellent educational opportunities for all CMS students. YWCA Central Carolinas is a proud member of OneMECK.

The OneMECK coalition, along with YWCA, crafted a collaborative letter in favor of the rezoning petition which was forwarded to City Council Members before their February 21 vote. Ultimately, the City Council voted in favor of the rezoning petition.

“YWCA Central Carolinas is proud to collaborate with partners such as OneMECK whose goals align with many of our own,” said YWCA’s Community Engagement Manager Jamila Green. “It is refreshing to know that this organization is not only discussing the issues that members of our community face but also work diligently to create solutions while engaging local leadership. We know this coming development is a positive step forward in our community, and YWCA is proud to have been part of this advocacy effort.”