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The season of giving

As the year comes to a close and we sit in reflection, the unforeseen challenges and obstacles presented by 2020 are undeniable. Yet many of us will note that we were able to get through this year’s uncertainty by staying connected to friends, family and the community around us. And in the midst of the gratitude that recognition often brings, many of us are inspired to give to others in need and support worthy causes. 

One way the transitional housing residents of YWCA Central Carolinas gave back this year was through love notes. Months into the COVID-19 pandemic, Kym Motley, a YWCA supporter from NYC, reached out to us with an opportunity to build more community and support for all. 

The Gladys Love Project worked with the transitional housing residents of our Women In Transition (WIT) program. The Gladys Love Project is committed to reminding seniors and caregivers that they are seen, beautiful and loved, especially during this time of isolation.

YWCA WIT participants supported residents in assisted living facilities by making "love notes," the fixings for which arrived in a delightful kit

Several WIT participants created love notes that were delivered to the 60 members of Kym’s mother’s assisted living facility. YWCA’s residents involved in this initiative enjoyed the chance to bring light and encouragement to others.

This project was truly such an inspiration. A handful of YWCA residents took packets of postcards - and one even completed three packets! She noted it was nice for her to feel like she's cheering someone else up.

Another participant wrote a lovely letter about how she was once in a rehab facility after a stroke and felt lonely and frightened, so she was thrilled to see this flyer and realize she could bring some love and light to someone who might be feeling some similar things. 

We loved seeing how joyful each resident was in sharing cheer and gratitude with others.

Rebecca Stickel, director of Women In Transition

Brightening someone’s day and making an impact on a personal level can be as simple as sending a love note through the mail, calling a friend or supporting a nonprofit that you’re passionate about. The possibilities to spread joy this season are limitless, how will you be giving back?