Sr. Simone Campbell Holds Voter Education Workshop

On November 3, a week before the election, Sister Simone Campbell, long-time friend of the YWCA known for the “Nuns on the Bus” initiative of Network Lobby, stopped by to offer a free workshop to YWCA participants, staff, and members. It was an invigorating and honest conversation about our Charlotte community and voter concerns. She began the workshop by stating national policy is shaped by local reality and it was her goal to hear local stories in different communities across the U.S. She quoted Pope Francis by stating, “If we want to build peace, we need to start with real stories by real people.”

Those in attendance spoke about the disconnect between the community and city and state legislatures as well as the positive and negative consequences of our rapidly growing city. Speaking from a position of knowledge through her work in Washington D.C., Sr. Simone encouraged everyone to remain engaged with their politicians – that their voices can make a difference.

Cassandra D’Alessio

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