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Empowered by our partner

YWCA Central Carolinas is proud to provide many needed resources throughout the community. YWCA’s team offers literacy support to students and their families throughout Mecklenburg and Union Counties through our Youth Programs. We help women and families focus on their short-and long-term goals in their journey to permanent housing through our transitional housing programs. YWCA connects community members to ways they can make an impact in racial justice initiatives. And YWCA provides a space for everyone to focus on their health goals through our co-ed gym.

And our work is strengthened through partnerships with organizations like Corning

Corning shares YWCA’s commitment to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. They’ve supported YWCA’s programs and initiatives with various grants, sponsorships and volunteerism like:

Watch YWCA’s YWomenVote: A Non-Partisan Conversiation on Health from October 2020, sponsored by Corning.

Corning is a true partner to YWCA Central Carolinas in every sense of the word. The Corning team consistently seeks creative and strategic opportunities to support YWCA's mission and programs with critical funding and volunteers. Additionally, YWCA has been thrilled to have Corning's Tamika Crawl-Bey on our board of directors. Thank you, Corning and Corning employees, for all you do to support our YWCA and better our community!

With a partner like Corning, YWCA is empowered to fulfill our mission and continue serving the community. 

Thank you Corning, for working with YWCA. We’re excited to see what’s next for our partnership. 

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