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YWCA’s 2020 We Believe Luncheon

Donna Byrd, podium, fundraiser, keynote, YWCA Central Carolinas, Westin Charlotte
Donna Byrd delivers the keynote at YWCA’s 2020 We Believe Luncheon

YWCA Central Carolinas celebrated our 118th anniversary of serving women, children and families in the Charlotte region on February 20, 2020. This was also the date of our 2020 We Believe Luncheon where YWCA supports, partners and friends came together at The Westin in Uptown Charlotte to celebrate YWCA’s successes and coming projects.

At our luncheon, YWCA highlighted the stories of two women whose lives have been positively impacted through our programs and services.

Doris Tyson graduated YWCA’s Women In Transition program in the spring of 2004. During her time in our transitional housing program, she was able to stay sober, was encouraged to connect with other individuals in recovery as well as community resources that she would be able to continue utilizing after leaving YWCA. Today Doris works as a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, supporting individuals the way YWCA supported her all those years ago.

And Ashley Jackson shared her story at YWCA’s We Believe Luncheon. Ashley was a student at YWCA’s Sunridge Youth Learning Center in the late 90’s. While in our after-school and summer session program, Ashley broke out of her shell thanks to the support and safety she felt in the classroom and with the Coordinators. She made lifelong connections and memories that she holds dear.

After attendees listened to the stories of our inspiring graduates they had the pleasure of listening to Donna Byrd, the Founding Publisher of The Root, deliver the keynote address. Donna’s message focused on the commonalities that we share, even in times when our differences feel overwhelmingly loud.

At the end of our program, YWCA had the pleasure of announcing something marvelous! Kirsten Sikkelee, CEO, shared with the crowd the beginning stages of our affordable housing project. YWCA Central Carolinas will be building 100+ units on our Park Road campus. And The Gambrell Foundation has already supported our efforts with a $3 million donation!

Watch Kirsten Sikkelee, CEO of YWCA Central Carolinas, announce our affordable housing project.

YWCA Central Carolinas was so proud to announce our commitment to continue empowering the Charlotte community. With your support we know we’ll be able to achieve great things!

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