From Housing Participant to Resident Advisor

YWCA Resident Advisor, Deneen Sutherland, came to the Women in Transition (WIT) program three years ago needing a fresh start and to put distance from destructive people in her life. After excelling in the WIT program, she was approached about becoming an R.A. “I was happy that they thought enough about me,” she said. And she was excited to continue to stay on even when she secured two other jobs in security outside of the YWCA.

As a Resident Advisor, Deneen lives on site and shares her responsibilities with another R.A. They are a part of staff meetings and are aware of the many situations that the participants in WIT are facing.  She is available to participants for any questions or support as they work to find stability in their lives: “I love to empower people. Period.” For Deneen, it’s a path she herself walked and is continuing to do so: she is saving money to buy a house.

“If the participants work the program, the program works for them,” she said. And the best part of her job is seeing the women work hard and achieve their goal of living on their own. “I love coming to work,” she says, “I love the people. I love the atmosphere. How often can you say going to work puts a smile on your face?”

Looking at this one, it was actually from 2 years ago… I think that’s probably too old. The facts in here would have changed by now. Let’s find something else!

Cassandra D’Alessio

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