Stand Against Racism

Take A Stand With YWCA Central Carolinas

YWCA’s annual Stand Against Racism event aims to connect, celebrate and strengthen those working in social and racial justice in and around the Charlotte community. We are on a mission to eliminate racism, and that starts by calling attention to it. 

YWCA's Stand Against Racism 2021

In 2021, our Stand Against Racism campaign centers around the theme Addressing Racism as a Public Health Crisis. Public health is, and always has been, central to racial justice work. This year our theme is especially pertinent as our nation continues to face the intersecting public health crises of COVID-19 and racism.

On Thursday, April 22 at 5:30pm, join YWCA Central Carolinas for our virtual forum “Addressing Racism as a Public Health Crisis.” Our panel will include Dr. Ophelia Garmon-Brown, Chief Community Health and Wellness Officer at Novant Health, Calvin Fox, Licensed Therapist at Perry Counseling, and Dr. Raynard Washington, Deputy Health Director of Mecklenburg County. The panel will be moderated by Kirsten Sikkelee, CEO of YWCA Central Carolinas. Register here to receive the panel discussion’s YouTube link in advance.

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How You Can Take A Stand In 2021

On April 23, YWCA invites you to take a Stand Against Racism in your neighborhood or workplace. How can you participate? See the list below for ways that you can Stand Against Racism.

  • Taking a moment of silence in memory of those we’ve lost to hate crimes and police brutality.
  • Holding up signs in front of your home or workplace that ask passersby to honk for “racial justice,” “if they will vote,” etc.
  • Posting on social media how you or your organization will combat racism using the SAR hashtags (#StandCLT, #StandAgainstRacism, #SAR2021).
  • Wearing orange on Friday, April 22 to show support for YWCA Central Carolinas and our Racial Justice & Advocacy work.
  • Sharing YWCA’s recommended reading, terms and other resources with friends, family and coworkers to expand knowledge and awareness on racial and social justice issues.
YWCA's Community Engagement Manager, Brittenay Causieestko-Lee, and Regional Director of Youth Programs, Dr. Sheila Ijames, on Park Road taking a Stand Against Racism!

Stand Against Racism Pledge

Mindful of the continuing affliction of institutional and structural racism as well as the daily realities of all forms of bias, prejudice, and bigotry in my own life, my family, my circle of friends, my co-workers, and the society in which I live, with conviction and hope:

I take this pledge, fully aware that the struggle to eliminate racism will not end with a mere pledge but calls for an ongoing transformation within myself and the institutions and structures of our society. 

I pledge to look deeply and continuously in my heart and in my mind to identify all signs and vestiges of racism; to rebuke the use of racist language and behavior towards others; to root out such racism in my daily life and in my encounters with persons I know and with strangers I do not know; and to expand my consciousness to be more aware and sensitive to my use of overt and subtle expressions of racism and racial stereotypes;

I pledge to educate myself on racial justice issues and share what I learn in my own communities even if it means challenging my family, my partner, my children, my friends, my co-workers, and those I encounter on a daily basis;

I pledge, within my means, to actively work to support public policy solutions that prominently, openly, and enthusiastically promote racial equity in all aspects of human affairs; and to actively support and devote my time to YWCA, as well as other organizations working to eradicate racism from our society.

YWCA Central Carolinas is on a mission to eliminate racism and empower women. I join YWCA in taking a stand against racism today and every day.

*This pledge has been adapted by YWCA USA from the Pledge to Eliminate Racism in My Life, YWCA Bergen County which is an adaptation of the Pledge to Heal Racism in My Life, Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace, April 10, 2006.

Sign The Pledge Here
Brittenay Causieestko-Lee and CMPD Officer at YWCA's Stand Against Racism 2019
Participant holding sign at YWCA's SAR 2019
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