YWCA has been housing women in Charlotte since 1902. YWCA’s first mission was to provide safe housing and support for women traveling to the city to secure work. Today, more than a century later, the same holds true. YWCA offers safe housing for women and their families who have experienced homelessness. Our housing program is not a band-aid fix to a complex problem. During our eighteen month program, women learn budgeting skills, preparing for job interviews, and how to break the cycle of generational poverty. Women are given the tools to set new goals for a stable and successful future.

We provide housing for 66 single women and 10 families  and our applicants are by referral only. If you are a woman experiencing homelessness, please contact our front desk at 704.525.5770 for more information.

Learn how you can welcome women into our transitional housing program!

We are proud to partner with the following agencies to support women and end homelessness in Charlotte: