“But what will that get me?”

I think that’s a question we ask ourselves when weighing the options for a new purchase. You take in the pros and cons of everything, write out the options (whether it’s silently or verbally) and try to figure out the right fit. When I was in high school, I wrote out the colleges I was stuck between in my decision and listed out everything: the class options, the student to faculty to ratio, the location, the school’s color (and how good I would look in red compared to gold) and it always helped to ask, “What do I really get out of this?” It allows you to be honest with yourself and decide the worth of an item, an opportunity, an amenity.

And that’s what I ask myself when signing up for a gym. Do they have the equipment I like to sweat from? What are the classes that are offered and if I’ve never done Pilates before will I be judged? Is there a pool and how often can I really swim in it? What does this get me? What do I get out of this?

I assume I know what you’re thinking: “It’s just a gym, you’re in, you’re out,” but is that really what a gym is to you? A gym is a space for transformation. It’s where you go to test your limits, to work on a goal that you may not have really said out loud, to un-ironically watch HGTV from an elliptical while extremely impressed with the individual that’s been on the rowing machine for more than ten minutes. On top of the physical spaces – the cardio equipment, the weights on the racks, the locker room where the women from the morning aquatic class are signing a get well soon card for their exercise buddy – a gym is represented in multiple ways, most of which is your membership pass. That beautiful orange keychain that gets you in the doors with the sound of a chime, but what else does that get you?Omega Sports' Ladies Night Flyer for YWCA Central Carolinas Members

As a member of YWCA Central Carolinas you can go out into Charlotte, shop for new fitness wear until your heart’s content, knowing that when you’re shopping with one of our partners you’ll be getting a deal. Take Omega Sports for example.  Omega Sports is located in the Park Road Shopping Center and has almost all your fitness needs. Whether you need a new swimsuit, running shoes, tennis racket or just a better outfit for those late afternoon walks, Omega Sports is the place to go and as a YWCA Central Carolinas Fitness Member you automatically get 10% off your purchase! Along with the discount Omega Sports even hosts Ladies Nights for YWCA members – where you can get even more of a discount, have a sports bra fitting and a shoe fitting.

Omega Sports is just one of our proud partners. We love the work they do and they love our mission. So when you’re a member of our gym, you’re not just another number on a list. That orange rectangle on your keys isn’t just another plastic item to ignore. You’re a YWCA member, someone who is sharing their fitness journey with us, someone who can walk into Omega Sports and save some money, someone who’s part of the YWCA community.

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